Bridging the gap between Canadian Military Members and meaningful civilian careers

In partnership with nonprofit organizations, Skills Connect Inc. and ThirdQuarter, we support and prepare returning service members, veterans, their families and reservists to pursue meaningful careers that capitalize on their skills, interests, strengths and capabilities.  We thank the tremendous support from the business community as well in showing interest in assisting people in their transition to the civilian workplace.

We also help, advise and work with employers in attracting and on-boarding members emphasizing a skills and cultural match with their company.

Project FootHold represents a national call to action to support transitioning military members, their families and reservists with beginning new careers and discovering meaningful ways to continue their careers here at home.

Skills Connect and the ThirdQuarter program also welcomes the opportunity to speak with members’ families and reservists.  We support the nonprofit work of the MFRC across Canada.


Why Project FootHold?

Picture of tourist's hand using a compass. At the background a beautiful valley with tops of mountain. Switzerland.

Noun: FootHold
• A place or support for the feet; a place where a person may stand or walk securely.
• A secure place, especially a firm basis for further progress or development:
• A ledge, hollow or other place affording a secure grip for the foot, as during climbing
• A secure position from which further progress may be made: a foothold for a successful career