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We encourage people to register with us and be in touch as early as you feel ready to start thinking about your career move to civilian life. We will start out with a short phone or personal conversation over a cup of coffee to determine where you want to go and if you are not sure, we can work with you to find the pathway.

We don’t believe in just ‘writing a resume’ – we believe in building a resume that reflects your skills, experience, passion and who you are and what you can offer to the workforce.

Career Transition Preparation

Space is limited

Stage One:  Pre-Workshop Preparation

During this stage, our military employment specialist will connect with you via email and telephone to assist you with identifying your transferable skills, and to review and maximize your existing job search materials for a civilian marketplace.

Stage Two:  3-Day Workshop of Practical Job Search Skills:  November 1-3, 2016

The aim of stage two is to provide you with practical knowledge and skills to obtain, retain and excel in civilian employment.   This three day workshop offers comprehensive practical job skills training within a small group setting.

Stage Three:  Supported Job Search

During this stage, our employment counselors will support your efforts in identifying job leads, and provide ongoing support to ensure that your job search stays on track, and leads you to a career where you are best suited.

We will work with you to continue to build your job search marketing materials (cover letters, civilian resumes, LinkedIn profile etc. ) and how to circulate and socialize them so that you are noticed positively by motivated and interested employers.

For More Information and to register for the fall program:   Call us toll free at 1-855-286-0306 Ext. 305. Email:   or register  online at:  Hamilton Workshops – November 1-3, 2016