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Comprehensive Career and Job Preparation Program

The “Next Steps” program provides several stages of group workshops on job preparation, transition management and a personalized approach to help accelerate the transition into the civilian job market.   Our goal is to challenge and equip you to obtain the best position that matches your interests, attributes and strengths as well as your skills and experience.

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Onsite Intensive Workshops for Career Transition

We believe in as much face to face time as possible during this process since we have proven methodology that by working in a team atmosphere everyone can benefit from each other.  In the fall of 2016 we will schedule a three-day intensive workshop in Hamilton, Ontario.

Space is limited so that we can benefit from small groups. This program contains five modules.  We also anticipate being able to deliver the sessions via a webinar and online learning platforms later in 2017.

The onsite modules include

Pre-course work: The aim of the pre-course work is to develop a rapport with each other, gain an understanding as to the logistics of each member such as date of release and other details that should be factored into the program.  We will begin skills identification and determine goals and visions for  career life after the military.

Think of family obligations, your own ambitions and the work-life balance you desire.  The member will be given self-study exercises and homework to complete before the first day of the program so that when we start out on Day One – we know a lot about each other and how the process will roll out.

Day One: Learning Objective: By the end of day one participants will have completed career / job exploration and will have identified a cluster of job types that match their skills set and personality. We will also explore transferable skills and provide possibilities for the member to consider.

Day Two Learning Objective: By the end of day two participants will have successfully targeted their personal branding materials to the job field of their choice and will establish positive workplace behaviors that will maximize their success potential in the civilian workplace.

Day Three Learning Objective: By the end of day three, participants will be competent in job search techniques and practical interview skills and will have established a framework for their post program support network.  The member will be able to create a job search plan that fits with their timetable and date of release.  The target for day three is to secure a minimum of 2 informational interviews per participant .

Job Search Phase: The aim of the job search phase is to provide the participant with support to ensure they follow through with their weekly job search plan and on building their support network. The employment target in the job search phase is to have the participant employed within three months.