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Some members prefer the 1:1 and ‘coach on call” program at some point during the process. This may be due to logistics and other circumstances whereby the member cannot attend a workshop session. It is often after the workshops that the member is in need of coaching in order to get themselves ‘unstuck’ or to explore options with an objective third party.

Steps in the coaching process.

 Please note that we are flexible in this process and if the member has already taken the intensive workshops, this may be customized to build upon prior learning.

 Introductory Conversation:  Share a cup of coffee with us to help us better understand your needs, strengths, skills, experience, and career aspirations and goals. Duration: 1 hour in person or on the phone with a career coach or recruitment specialist.

Workforce Readiness Assessment: This is an online assessment completed on your own and will assist you in figuring out your preferences, experience and specific soft skills that will contribute to your career success.  This is a unique tool that helps us create the guidelines for you to find the best fit for your next steps.   Duration: approximately 20 minutes on your own.  If you have already completed this step in the workshop, then we will use this information to focus on. 

Debrief Readiness Report:  We will review the results of your report and use this as a way to launch our discussion and our work together. Duration: 1 hour. If you have already completed this step in the workshop, then we will use this information to focus on. 

Action Plan:  two Personal and Confidential Coaching Sessions:  You will work with one of our coaches or recruitment specialists to define your action plan for success with some time in-between the sessions to do some personal work and exploration.  As everyone is unique so we feel this is a minimum amount of time needed for self-discovery.   Duration: 1 hour each session x 2 sessions.

Job Search Preparation:  Our recruitment advisors will review your MPRR and assist you with the translation of terms and definitions with you to ensure it meets industry standards, including requirements of online application systems and explore training requirements you might need to consider.  We will work with you to interpret your military experience and key attributes to the reality of civilian workplaces.  Duration: 1 hour.  If you have already completed this work in the workshop or have some materials ready, we will build on that.  

Resume Preparation: Additional work as required by you to revise your resume with assistance from a recruitment advisor.  We may do some of this work in person or via email and phone.  And we will advise you on customized resumes to fit specific industries and roles.  We emphasize the need to ‘build your resume’ as opposed to simply ‘writing a resume’.  This has to be a document and outcome that accurately reflects who you are and flows into a compelling case for your next employer.

Explore New Opportunities: With our recruitment advisors, you can review what is realistic on the job market in the areas that you have identified and what fits your needs, including locations, types of engagement and other factors that you should be aware of.  We may make a number of suggestions to you as to options and we will send opportunities to you as they become available.  Often, we will set up information interviews or meetings with you and members of the business community to start the networking.

Closing the Gap and Wrap Up: With our coaches and recruitment advisors, we will have a wrap up and review session with you but we never just say ‘good bye’ as we want to maintain the relationship with you.  You never know what opportunities are around the corner and we welcome the ongoing connection.

Ongoing Social Media and Phone Contact:  We initiate a number of online conversations and newsletter updates and invite your participation. We welcome your feedback as we are here to learn more about how to help you.  We will also invite you to be part of our advisory group and networking program.

Estimated program duration: 4-6 weeks.

This program is available virtually by phone or SKYPE or in specific locations in Western Canada.  Please contact us at info@projectfoothold.ca or Dorothy Thach by email.  

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